copact logo black and whiteCOPACT is an organization working on behalf of all LPCs and LMFTs in Oregon.  COPACT is an extension of two professional organizations: the Oregon Association for Marriage and Family Therapy  and the Oregon Counseling Association. COPACT’s board of directors is made up of members from each professional organization. COPACT then represents the interests of all LPCs, LMFTs, registered interns, and students in counseling and marriage and family therapy programs throughout Oregon.

The presidency of COPACT rotates between the two professional organizations. Neither professional organization will dominate COPACT.  We work together collaboratively. COPACT is an equal extension of OAMFT, and ORCA.

COPACT exists so the professions of professional counseling and marriage and family therapy will continue to work together to strengthen our professional alliance which has been successful over the years working together to help LMFTs, LPCs and their clients thrive in Oregon.

Tax-exempt status

COPACT is a 501 (c)(6), which is recognized as a tax-exempt trade association by the IRS. That means that anyone who operates a business, can write off a donation to COPACT as a business expense.

Our parent organizations are also tax-exempt.  OAMFT and ORCA are both 501(c)(6)s operating under the same IRS rules as COPACT.  That means that both membership dues and donations may be deducted from taxes as business expenses.